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Caroline Mecartea

Caroline Coffman is the Program Administrator for Pacifica Extension and International Studies. Caroline graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2015 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Communication, and has a professional background in marketing, sales coordination, event/logistics planning, and program administration. She joined Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2019, and has expanded her role and responsibilities throughout the years. In her free time, Caroline enjoys being in nature, cooking, and creating acrylic pour paintings. She is passionate about bringing people together and helping to facilitate meaningful experiences.

Carolyn Vega, MA is Associate Director of Online Learning and Events Management of Pacifica Extension and International Studies. She combines her scholarship as a Pacifica Humanities alumna, experience with diverse communities, and creative spirit to foster engaging and inclusive learning environments. A Ventura County native, Carolyn is a first generation Mexican-American, and has worked with a wide range of individuals, including transgendered students, elders, and homeless children. She is dedicated to empowering individuals along their journeys of self-discovery.

Carolyn brings over a decade of live theater event production and management experience from Stanford University. Her work is informed by an appreciation for the power of storytelling, and the transformative potential of the arts.

As an artist, she creates a visual language to explore the depths of the psyche.

Loralee M. Scott, MFA,  is Senior Director of Pacifica Extension and International Studies. As an entrepreneurial leader, she brings a proven track record of successful organizational leadership as well as post-graduate, depth psychologically informed curriculum design, development and delivery.

Loralee holds an MFA degree in inter-disciplinary studies focused on somatic depth psychology and cultural transformation. Her work as an award-winning choreographer is featured in Grief and the Expressive Arts published by Routledge and was responsible for the creation and passage of anti-trafficking legislation.  A respected thought leader, she has contributed to Jungian academic journals and lectured internationally in several countries.

Loralee’s blend of strategic vision and hands-on experience equip her to effectively guide initiatives that bridge academic excellence with real-world impact. Her leadership exemplifies a commitment to lifelong learning and the transformative potential of depth psychology in today’s complex global landscape.

Our Vision

Pacifica Extension is committed to cultivating world changers who are able to bring depth psychological scholarship and practices to the real world challenges of the 21st century.  We do this by reimagining the online and on-campus learning experience to create interactive communities of learners where connection, imagination, science and soul join together for a transformative educational experience.

Our vision is to make the depth-oriented, soul-based and forward-thinking scholarship that is representative of Pacifica Graduate Institute available to a broader world in a way that is relevant and applicable for today’s global professional and lifelong learners. This means that we offer you an extensive menu of learning communities and learning formats to choose from, so you can customize the approach and the themes that best fit your personal and professional goals.

Our Graduate Certificates feature PGI approved curriculum that offers a highly interactive and immersive learning experience. These programs are taught by PGI and internationally recognized faculty, each of whom are experts in their field. Pre-recorded sessions can be watched at your convenience and weekly live sessions give you the chance to engage with the faculty and course learners from around the world.  Additional resources, learning guides, films, case studies, and discussion forums enhance the learning experience. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion from Pacifica Graduate Institute. We currently offer ten Graduate Certificates and we plan on expanding these offerings as part of our commitment to offering some of the most innovative and relevant depth-oriented online learning experiences.

Our CE Series are designed for the working professional. Offering weekly, 60-minute online lunchtime learning sessions as well as 90 minute online After Hours Webinar series,  Pacifica Extension learners are able to connect with some of the latest research and modalities while earning CEs in a way that is accessible and works with the demands of a busy schedule.

Our Careers in Depth series offers a chance to connect with Pacifica Graduates who are blazing trails in the application of depth psychology across a myriad of professional disciplines.  The career options for a degree from Pacifica are continuing to expand as our graduates bring their scholarship and expertise from the Corporate Board Room to the private counseling room to working with equine therapy or developing new modalities for working with dementia or developing somatic based applications of Jungian Psychology.

The content and style of presentation of this remarkable conference on the spiritual aspect of aging & later life establishes a new genre in the field of Continuing Education for therapists. In addition to personal experience, all therapists deal with patients who may experience challenges regarding the issues of aging, fear of loss of control, sickness, and death, and this conference provides for therapists a spiritual toolbox for themselves and for helping their patients to progress through this heretofore neglected area of the life cycle. Since "none of us get out of this alive," a regular offering of this conference on "The Inner Work of Aging: Shifting From Role to Soul" seems as relevant and necessary for all therapists' continuing education as the other required areas of CE, such as Treatment of Anxiety & Depression, Child & Elder Abuse, Substance Abuse, Suicidality, etc.

William Flaxman, PhD, MFTTestimonial from the Inner Work of Age Program

The Ladera Lane Campus


A short drive from its sister campus on Lambert Road, Pacifica’s Ladera Lane Campus is home to a conference center, classrooms, administrative offices, and branches of both the Graduate Research Library and Pacifica Bookstore. The Opus Archives and Research Center’s rare collections are also housed on this campus. Residential buildings offer lodging for students when classes are in session, and healthful meals are shared in the large communal dining hall. Spacious lawns present spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara Channel Islands, and surrounding Santa Ynez Mountains. Beautiful gardens and wooded pathways afford spaces for quiet contemplation, and a network of hiking trails lead off into the wilderness.

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The Lambert Road Campus


Pacifica’s Lambert Road Campus is on the former site of a well known philanthropist’s 1920s-era estate. Beautifully restored and expanded, the campus is adorned with massive trees and extensive landscaping—all set in harmony with the unique history and ecology of the locale. It is a peaceful setting with fascinating walkways and inspiring views of the nearby Santa Ynez Mountains. In addition to classrooms and lecture halls, the Lambert Road Campus houses faculty and administrative offices, the Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas Library, and branches of the Graduate Research Library and Pacifica Bookstore. An on-campus, organic mini-farm covers several acres and produces fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are enjoyed on both Pacifica campuses and throughout the local community.